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Friday, 04 July 2014 20:58

Finding a job online

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Finding a job Online… Not as easy as I thought.



Finding a job these days is not an easy task. It is hard as it is to find time from school work or your current job in order to apply for jobs, but not knowing where to apply can pose more of a hindrance in your job searching efforts. One of the biggest problems faced by job seekers is that they do not know when exactly a job position becomes available. By the time job seekers find out about the job, modify their resumes and cover letters to suite the job they are applying for, the employer has already found someone else to take over the position. “There are many hidden jobs out there” Brian T. says. We tend to agree, but the part that is missing is that by the time you apply other 200 applicants have applied. This is mostly a problem with new graduates, who are not sure how everything works and are often then stuck with odd jobs because they were unable to find a job in their field. Or that their field is so specific that not many jobs open in that sector and when they do the HR managers are overwhelmed with applicants.

Luckily, there are Canadian job boards that help new graduates and people looking to switch jobs to find job postings and to apply to these jobs in a timely manner. Regardless of what field you have graduated from, you can look up a job posting easily and effectively on most Canadian Job Boards. They each use a little different system, some you may use without an account, and some you may need to register. They all are free to job seekers, if they are free to employers or not is of no consequence to you unless you consider ideas about if an employer is willing to invest in finding you they must be a strong company. This may be a plus for your future career development plans. This may be something you take into consideration or it has never crossed your mind. There are plenty of books on this subject which may be an interesting read if you like to analyze company atmosphere and why to choose one company over another when it comes to whom to work for.

One of the most important feature each job board should have and something you should use is the Email Alerts system. This is to make your life easier by sending you an email alert when your dream job is posted by an employer. Saves time and wasted energy.  This means that once you have submitted the keywords relating to the jobs you desire, along with your choice of job location, you will receive an email alert as soon as a job posting containing those keywords becomes available. This is extremely beneficial to job seekers as it saves them time by not having to browse through hundreds of unrelated job postings. There is also absolutely no way of missing a job posting for your dream job. This is a Key point!!! Find out about jobs when they are posted. Once you are alerted for the job posting, you can sign in right away and contact the employer. There is no room for procrastination and therefore better chances of you actually getting the job.

One of the biggest advantages of being able to browse an online job board is that you can browse through a lot more job postings online as you can on a print media. Besides, it is cheaper and you can find them all in one place. No matter what kind of a job you are looking for, you are sure to find it on a Canadian Job Board.

We have composed a small list of job board that may be of help.











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Key Canadian Job Boards & Job Search Engines


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