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Thursday, 05 December 2013 13:26

Certified Dental Assistant Questionnaire

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Q. What is your official job title?

A. Official Job Title: Certified Dental Assistant Level II 

Q. Where do you work with your credentials?  

A. Dental Offices/ Dental Specialty Groups 


Q. What is the greatest challenge during your day at work?

A. Time management and organization skills are a major necessity,  if skills are lacked it may lead to falling behind with the schedule resulting in a stressful day/ work environment.  

Q. Is your field stressful?  

A. Greatest challenge of everyday dental office is to get the trough the day as smoothly as possible: meaning no running behind (upset patients) preparing everything so the procedure runs as smooth as possible, making anxious patients as comfortable as possible during procedure.  

Q. How does one enter your field of employment?

A. To enter this field of employment one has to take the DANB (Dental Assisting National Board) CDA examination after they have completed an accredited dental assisting program (one year). 


Q. Are there Canadian associations for your field?


Q. Are there great career opportunities for employment in your career?

A. There are opportunities in this field, one has to be very flexible with work schedule  (evenings and weekends) also with salary. 

Q. Any books you recommend as a read before entering into your field?

A. Books:
Modern dental assisting, Dental instruments, Infection control, Dental radiography (principles and techniques 3rd edition) 

Q. Can you give us an insight into a regular day at work? What do you do ?

A. regular day at work: AM: look at days schedule: plan ahead set out all instrument trays and materials needed for the day (check if all lab cases for this day are in) be quick and efficient in seating the patient take any x rays/ impressions if needed. After procedure is done, make sure to sterilize all equipment and instruments (not to run behind) before your next patient is here. In between patients/ and or late patients catch up on any lab work, supply orders, sending out patient referrals/ letters. Make sure all the proper stuff is out so every procedure runs as quick and smooth as possible. As each day is different depending on amount of patients and specific cases (Some short some long) main goal is to be time efficient and very organized, at the end of the day make sure all instruments are sterilized and put away and trays are set out for next day to ensure day runs as smooth as possible. 


Q. Are there advancement opportunities?  


A. Advancement opportunities such as being main dental assistant (if there are more than 1) means you will make more money, depending on how well you can do each procedure and the more complex procedures you assist with speed and precision= raises. Deciding on furthering your education and becoming dental hygienist and or a restorative dental hygienist will allow you to grow financially in terms of staying in the dental field. 



Qs by BCJ Staff

As by J. S. a certified  Certified Dental Assistant Level II working in Canada. **(Answers are as given by J. no modification was made)**


Career Improvement Books recommended by J. S. and BCJ on this subject are:

Secret of the CDA Exam Guide by DANB Exam Secrets Test Prep Team


Dental Radiography, Principles and Techniques by Joen Iannucci


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